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2019 Asia Food Tasting Expo & Dongguan Shopping Carnival

2019年1月17-20日 東莞?虎門國際會展中心
2019 Jan 17-20 Dongguan Humen International Exhibition Center

展會簡介Exhibition Profile
東莞人之「識食文化 」, 絕對不會錯過任何品嚐美食的機會。承接「健康試食嘉年華」之空前成功。龍亨展覽有限公司及東莞市龍亨展覽有限公司將於2019年01月17至20日再度誠意推出「2019亞洲試食博覽暨東莞購物嘉年華」予廣大市民齊齊試食東莞各類本地及海外美食。同時亦勢必為本地食品業界開拓壹創新兼有價值之銷售及產品推廣平臺。
Dongguan People's "Food Culture" will definitely not miss any chance to taste food.  Undertaking unprecedented success in the "Healthy Food Tasting Carnival". South Dragon Group Ltd. & Dongguan South Dragon Expo Ltd. will again to launch with all sincerity the "2019 Asia Food Tasting Expo & Dongguan Shopping Carnival" from Jan 17- 21, 2019 to the public to try all kinds of local and overseas cuisine in Dongguan. At the same time, it is bound to develop an innovative and valuable sales and product promotion platform for the local food industry.

市場優勢Market Superiority
With the "Buy after Try" as the focus of the whole event, absolutely will stimulate the flow of visitors.
Mainly promote the diversification of "High grade ingredients and special foods" to cater for the food culture of Dongguan people.
The conference will co-ordinate with major Property Management companies and Food companies to directly distribute more than one million invitations to events, aiming at the targeted consumer group.
A sales and promotion platform that brings huge commercial benefits to the local food industry and builds a wider customer base.

參展範圍Exhibition Range
酒類    :啤酒,紅酒,白酒,洋酒,雞尾酒等
Chinese Food Chain: Fast food, Normal meals, Hotpot, Breakfast, Noodle restaurant, Special restaurant, Internet + restaurant, Future restaurant.
Western Food Chain: Fast food, Dinner, Casual meal, Steak, Buffet, Cuisine, Salad, International cuisine
Coffee Drinks: Coffee, Tea, Milk tea, Freshly squeezed juice, Creative drinks, Afternoon tea
Wine: Beer, Red wine, Liquor, Cocktails, etc.
Baked Desserts: Baking, Desserts, Ice-cream, Chocolate, Bread, Cakes, DIY Creative Desserts.
Delicious Snacks: Barbecue, Marinade-food, Cooked food, Fried chicken, Small balls, Snacks, National snacks.
Snack Food: Snacks, Dry goods, Fruits, Imported food, etc.
Non-Legacy Food: Specialties from all different countries

展館介紹Exhibition Hall Info.
Dongguan Humen International Exhibition Center covers an area of about 10,495 square meters and is designed in a modernist style.  The main body is a steel frame structure with a perforated metal plate.  The exhibition hall has an exhibition area of approximately 10,000 square meters and can provide more than 500 standard booths.
Humen is located in the world-class metropolitan area - the central part of the Greater Pearl River Delta region, at the intersection of the Gold Coast and the Golden Waterway.  The sea, land and air transportation is developed.  In Humen, cost of a third-class city can enjoy the first-class function.

參展程序 Exhibition Procedure
For registration, please ask for the “Application Form” for participation and fill in with official seal, then handover to the Organizing Committee.
Exhibitors transfer the confirmed participation fee to the account of the Organizing Committee within 7 working days after applying for the booth. After the payment is received, the Exhibitor will receive the “Confirmation of Booth” to confirm the booth. Otherwise, the booth will not be given reservation.
3.展位分配原則: 先申請、先付款、先分配 !
Booth Allocation Principle: “First apply with payment - First allocation!”
After the booth is confirmed, the Exhibitor may not transfer its booth without the authorization of the Organizing Committee, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to cancel the participation qualification.

聯系方式Contact Details
電話 :(86)769-2238 8565
傳真 : (86)769-2238 8575
電郵 : info@shimaobolan.com
Dongguan South Dragon Expo Ltd.
Tel: (86) 769-2238 8565
Fax: (86)769-2238 8575
Email: info@shimaobolan.com

電話 : (852)2139 2308
傳真 : (852)2139 2281
電郵 : info@worldtradeexpo.com.hk
South Dragon Group Ltd.
Tel: (852) 2139 2308
Fax: (852) 2139 2281
Email: info@worldtradeexpo.com.hk

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